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Accordingly to Cyclop Net's Private Policy, the full names of our customers were kept withheld in order to secure there privacy.

“Congratulations!I'd like to compliment and thank the excellent service Cyclop Net provides its clients! After experimenting different ADSL services with other ISPs in the past, none of them have ever granted a service with such quality and personalised dedication. Keep up this dedicated work ethic! Congratulations, also, to Cyclop Net's team, in changing the negative image of how some portuguese ISP work. As a satisfied customer I can recommend Cyclop Net to anyone.”


“...I believe in Cyclop Net, due to their performance, friendly atitude and quick solving capability...”

J. Oliveira


“Thank you. With your clear explanation and technical expertise you left me with no doubts.” I Congratulate Cyclop Net, for being the first ADSL supplier that I have ever had, that guarantees what they promise.”

L. Faro


 “In a world where satisfied customers and quality internet providers are rare, we salute your distinguished service! We are grateful for all your help with our company.”

A. Afonso


“Congratulations on your professional and considerate staff, that always communicates with a noticeable calm and comprehensive approach, in every phone call.” With so many ISP competitors, by far you will succeed.”

H. Brandão


“...I would just like to inform you that the issue related to my internet connection has been completely solved. I appreciate the outstanding technical support you gave me!”

D. Moura


“...I would like to underline Cyclop Net's notable quality service. I've always been a satisfied customer and whenever I had any doubts you were there to explain the best way possible.

P. Santos  

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