Cyclop Net provides stable and reliable web hosting services on shared or dedicated servers, to meet all of your requirements.

Our Web hosting service aims to satisfy all type of hosting services for any client, with the adaquate website space, email accounts, frontpage extensions, scriptsCGI, ASP, PHP, Mysql,etc. 

Cyclop Net's Web Hosting servers are located in Portugal to ensure your data and communications are safe at all times and offer a qualified support team, to guarantee that you are always up and running. Our data center is ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 27001 Certified (Security).

Cyclop Net also offers Linux hosting plans - accredited for their high stability and scalability, energy efficiency, making this system a very powerful, fast and stable one, and not requiring any previous Linux knowledge.

If you don't have your business on the web or if you aren't satisfied with your actual service, what are you waiting for?

   What makes our web hosting superior?
  Our servers are located in Lisbon, with direct connection to the National and  International Internet backbone, ensuring a fast access to the servers and your websites.

  We use High Performance Server Processors.


24/7 customer service support
  We actively monitor your server and our network around the clock to ensure that you are always up and running. When we do spot trouble, we will work proactively to solve the problem and prevent service interruptions.
  Transferring Your Hosting Account
  Cyclop Net can help you transfer your website and domain to our servers.
  Green Hosting
  Cyclop Net has a strong commitment to the environment, using only high-performance, low-voltage servers, reducing energy requirements and carbon emissions.
  Cyclop Net is an accredited Registrars by the Association DNS.PT.
  Support and Quality

We offer our customers personalized support, we are always on hand to answer questions and fix problems.
Keeping you online and in business is our hosting customer support top priority.

  How to sign up?
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+351 261 317 829

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