C - PBX Hotel

Our C-PBX Hotel is an efficient solution for the everyday functions of the Hospitality Business. It's ideal for small and medium sized Hotels, contributing to increase staff productivity and serve guests more efficiently.


  Advantages C-PBX Hotel


Simple and efficient solutions.

:: The C-PBX Hotel has advanced hospitality applications and funcionalities.
:: Easy maintenance.

With an interface module it's easy to manage mini-bar, check-ins and check-out, reservations, telephone charges, wake-up call. etc.

  Características Básicas

• Assistant Transfer
• Automatic Assistant (IVR)
• Direct Transfer 
• Blacklist
• Callback
• Call Detail Record (CDR)
• Call forwarding
• Call park
• Call Pickup 
• Call monitoring
• Caller ID
• Conference call
• DND – (Do Not Disturb)
• Follow me
• Intercom
• On Hold music
• Music to transfer
• Manage call waiting
• Group list
• fast Dial
• Voice-mail (3000min)



  Special features:

• Call recording
• Persnonalized ringtone 
• Extension Mobility 
• Dial by name
• One touch recording
• Qos
• Redundancy (Hot Standby)
• Monitoring thru ID calling
• Static Route



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