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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a name that is easily memorized and is used to locate and identify computers on the Internet.

A domain is a name that is easily memorised and is used to locate and identify computers on the Internet.

When we visit a website or send an email, our computer needs to know the location of the server on which the destination page or email is stored, to be able to show us the information we want to see (the contents of the page or the email delivery report).

The information about the location of these servers is on another server (called a name server), which ensures that the right address is indicated, in order to deliver the requests sent by our computer to the Internet. This task is carried out by converting the domain name indicated by our computer (e.g. into an IP address, which identifies the computers' location on the Internet.

The concept of domain?

This was created in order to make it easier to memorise computer addresses on the Internet.

Imagine if you had to memorise a number like (IP address) and insert it in a browser bar in order to look up the DNS' website and then still had to memorise various other number sequences of websites that you use regularly.

It would be quite a difficult task and the Web certainly wouldn't be as successful as it is today. Typing or is quite intuitive and easy to memorise.

Domain is not Hosting.

Often the concept of domain is confused with hosting. However, they are different realities.

Hosting of a website is carried out by a specific server for this purpose (web server or HTTP), where the content of that site is stored and that same content is made available to the computers that request it, through a specific communication protocol (the HTTP protocol).

This process is independent from the domain name and access to the content can be carried out simply by indicating this web server's IP address.

As the IP address is difficult to memorise, the domain name system allows a name to be given to this IP address, which is a service provided by a name server.

But the domain name resolution service is not only used to access websites. Its use is as vast as the countless number of services available on the Internet, namely, email, messaging, peer-to-peer, video-diffusion.

Source: DNS.PT

How to register a Domain?

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