Virtual Private Network (VPN)

As the popularity of the Internet grew, businesses turned to it as a means of extending their own networks. VPNs give companies a way to extend their secure networks using regular Internet routes .

A Corporate business with different locations, such as in Portugal, Germany and in the USA, needs to interconnect between its branch offices, access remote locations and distant clients, without disregarding security and reliability.

Internet protocol- Virtual Private Network, (IP-VPN), technology are considered the best solution, for one, they are up for the main challenges-able to deliver superior connectivity quality, predictability of performance, security protection as well as cost-effective.

Cyclop Net, has unique conditions to provide high quality IP- VPN, with reliable standards, quality performance and security, that is guaranteed through the latest Firewall software, under continuous management and monitoring (24x7) by security specialists.

Main Features and Advantages of a VPN provided by Cyclop Net:

- Security and Performance
- Cost-Effective
- Secure communications through IPSec
- End-to-end Managed service with hardware included
- Wide range of terminal hardware (Modem/Router) for lease or sale
- Dedicated links.
- Virtual Private Dial-up Network (VPDN) through Modem or ISDN, mobile/remote users
- ADSL Access with a Fixed IP, 4G and HFC.
- VPN and Internet Access through the same physical link.
- Registration or Transfer of Internet Domains.
- Backup via ISDN

Our services:
- Supply the necessary Hardware and Software
- Initial configuration and installment support
- Customized/Personalised and location management
- Security Specialists with high standard of expertise in Networking and Internet Security.

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