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Cyclop Net is an ISP – Internet Service Provider – founded in 1999 with the aim of providing better quality and performance for all Internet users, by creating a set of high quality and specialised internet services, to accomodate the needs for all customers. Our main goal is, not just providing an Internet Service but, also offering a first class customer support where communication barriers don't exist and where our exclusive dedication to our customers is guaranteed.

Cyclop Net acknowlegdes that each customer is unique with their own specific demands. Our capacity to understand and satisfy our customer is what makes us different from our competitors: all technical issues and questions are easily answered and solved, by specialised agents. Cyclop Net's customer support service speaks your language.

These past years lead Cyclop Net to realise the difficulties general costumers and business clients had in finding solutions, capably specialised to fit their needs. 

We guarantee a distinct high quality customer service from the first contact, an efficient capacity to solve your questions and... a proud team to support you. We are loyal to our customers! They know they can depend on us and we know they deserve the best!

In a technical and operative level, Cyclop Net´s structure is supported on Claranet's backbone; its nucleus is based on STM-1 frame (155 Mbps) protected in a ring connection.

This network is connected to the Internet through multiple large-scale Internet Peering Exchange and through traffic agreements with major Carriers. These connections make our services undeniably reliable, protecting our network against defaults and traffic congestion.



The local network is connected to your global network through high capacity data transmission and through co- location routers. In cases, where co-location is not an option it is possible to have access to an international network through high capacity data communication.

From the Portuguese network, we emphasize the direct connection between Portugal and Spain, and the existence of an additional circuit that accesses to a NOC in Lisbon, that connects to another international network operator, also as an additional circuit for redundancy and improvement of the NOC in Oporto.

Specific peering protocols have been established with all of our national operators, therefore a connection with the PIX (Portuguese Internet Exchanger ) where the exchange of traffic is held within all of the national operators that perform peering with PIX.

Additionally to these circuits (STM-1 (155 Mbps)), there are circuits with different capacities, enabling a direct connection from other Operators and the establishment of many peering agreements on a global level, with multiple Operators.

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Our Clients
"“...I would just like to inform you that the issue related to my internet connection has been completely solved. I appreciate the outstanding technical support you gave me!”
- D. Moura
“...I would like to underline Cyclop Net's notable quality service. I've always been a satisfied customer and whenever I had any doubts you were there to explain the best way possible."
P. Santos
“In a world where satisfied customers and quality internet providers are rare, we salute your distinguished service! We are grateful for all your help with our company.”
A. Afonso
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